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Our Story


When the owner Josh was a young kid, he began walking around with a push mower that was found in his parents garage.  He started knocking on doors in local neighborhoods in Merrillville and Crown Point asking to mow their lawns and pick up their yards. He received lots of rejection and obtained a few jobs out of it, but this wasn't enough to discourage Josh.


After maintaining just a few lawns that summer, Josh continued to hustle during the winter. The summer yielded a good profit and he was eventually able to afford a brand new craftsman snow blower. So then he began going around asking the neighbors if he could shovel their drive ways. He found that the snow accounts were much easier to obtain and maintain compared to the summer's lawn accounts.  Early on in the snow season he was able to purchase a riding lawn mower with tow behind cart, which he put the snow blower in to drive around the neighborhood to service his newly added accounts. 


After the first winter the following summer came in 2006 He began cutting grass with the newly purchased tractor, modifying standard tow behind cart from a 4x4 into a 4x10 trailer. Popularity grew and Josh started growing as a result of that. local established companies started referring to Josh as "The Kid". The next few years went on with Josh as the only employee. 


In 2009, Josh finally was able to afford his first commercial walk behind mower and loaded it onto his 4x10 trailer he modified a few years back. In the same year, Josh made the decision to hire his first employee.  At that time Josh was only cutting 36 yards a week out of the 4x10 trailer that he pulled with his ride lawn mower.  


Services continued over the next several years and employee number two was hired along with the purchase of two trucks in 2011. This made him and his team double down on the work that they had cut out for them.


In 2015 he established his first foot print location in Crown Point off of Mississippi St. with a fleet of six trucks. Only a year later and that fleet of six turned into a fleet of nine trucks.


From 2020 to present day, the fleet has expanded to over 20+ trucks and utility trucks and full warehouse equipment to perform any and all jobs

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